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Here you will find some very unusual things, all of which are related to the sport of paintball.
When I used to have lots of spare time to kill, and I wasn't playing paintball, I messed around with paintball guns, modifying them in every which way to make them shoot faster, more efficient, and everything else that every other self made airsmith has ever tried. It was fun, cost lots of money, ruined a few guns, and made a few others shoot super stupid fast, but eventually, it got boring.

I wanted to go places that no one else would dare to go.

Years earlier, I studied the craft of Goldsmithing in Germany, and though I had many ideas about what to do with my skills, I never pondered making paintball gun triggers out of silver, or carving aluminum machine cut gun parts into organic, fluid shapes. It was never a conscious decision to take that course, it more or less evolved from project to project, until the first complete gun was made.
When it was done, I knew that I had found something that offered the challenge I was craving.
After having completed seven guns, I have learned a lot on the way, most painful of which is to try not to reach TOO far. I have one gun that I have been working on now for over eight years, and I fear it will never be finished simply because it is too complex in its design.

I don't have lots of spare time to kill anymore, so my time in the workshop has suffered as it is. I do keep plugging away when I get a break, but the passion has faded a bit.
A lot of that has to do with the fact that I moved back to where I learned my craft, and left the world of paintball behind. I used to be on a great team, one that has it's roots back in the stone age of paintball, one that still plays today. It's a great bunch of guys who really know how to play and enjoy recreational paintball. The name of the team is, "The Warthogs," and if you'd like to learn more about them, just read this strange story I wrote for the fun of it a while ago. It would be fair to warn you that it is not just a silly little story about how we play paintball, but actually an epic tale of how we were once able to use our paintball guns to save the State of Maine (and possibly the rest of the world) from the wicked intentions of an evil geologist.
Most of it is fiction, but there is one fact in there: paintball is a great game if you have the right people around you.

So if it pleases you, browse around the site and check out the weirdness that is Triggernomics. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact me.

Daniel De Smedt


The Warthogs web site is online at http://www.warthogpaintball.com/. Click on the Warthog logo to find the "Sump Stinks" story.

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